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Professional Laser Tattoo Removal


There are many reasons why people would want to get a tattoo removed, it may be something that you had done when you were younger and have simply grown out of it; it could be the image the tattoo is giving you is no longer what you wish for. It could even be a simple case of making room for something else or assisting in a cover up.


Whatever reason it is, our laser removal service can help you.

Laser is now the superior method for the safe removal of amateur and professional tattoos. The recent developments of laser tattoo removal have proven to be the most effective in safe and effective tattoo removal.


Our laser specialists will take time to carefully assess the size and colour of every design, and give you the most effective removal treatment schedule based on your exact tattoo. 


Should you decide to choose us to help you in your removal, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands.


We have vast experience in this field, a large data base of customers locally and further afield and we are accredited by the British Medical Laser Association. 


Several laser tattoo removal sessions may be needed to achieve the most desired result.

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