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Professional Body Piercing

Hi, my name is Ian and i'm a professional body piercer. I work out of my UK Association of professional piercers approved state of the art studio, Hold Fast Body Arts; one of just a small few approved studios currently in the UK.


I am predominatly a freehand piercer meaning most of the piercings I perform are done without clamps or tools making the experience cleaner, faster and much more pleasant, just ask my clients.


I always advice clients to choose safe professional body jewellery, by that I mean, implant grade titanium with no thread or internal thread. Using this type of jewellery is proven to be safer, helps you heal faster and makes wearing, changing and removing jewellery easy, less traumatic to the tissue and painless. 


I offer full body piercing including intimate work and micro-dermals / surface anchors.


If you already have a piercing I have a vast range of jewellery you can pick from. We make up each piece for you so it will be the perfect size and fit and usually fitting is free or charge too.


When you visit me you can expect up to date advise, a gentle, no rush, friendly and no attitude approach to piercing with plenty of help during your healing time should you need it. 


I personally hand pick my jewellery from around the world using only highly respected companies within the industry, BVLA, Body Gems, Neometal, Sacred Symbols, Gorilla Glass, Industrial Strength and Anatometal to name a few, because of that I have one of the very best collections of professional body jewellery in Somerset and one of the very best in United Kingdom.


For those of you wanted a truely bespoke piece, we have a London based, multi award winning, master goldsmith and jeweller on hand who can make jewellery just for you; Whether it's necklaces, braclets or wedding rings using metal and stones of your choice its not a problem, we've done it all.


If you'd like to see more of my work please click on the instagram link below the photos of my work and jewellery I've posted to wet your appetite. 



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